The world of work is losing the importance of location.

As jobs allow employees to be more location-indepdent, we'll have a new working class of employees-on-the-move. 

The 9 to 5 Nomad is a resource guide for these workers — teaching how to successfully travel while maintaining a job, and working effectively to travel better. 

The book comes from author Eric Ryan Grant — a 9 to 5 Nomad of 5 years and a training & development professional focusing on virtual workers. 

So what's it all about? The 9 to 5 Nomad ebook covers the following:

  • Taking the leap into nomad-ism
  • Funding your travels
  • Best practices for staying in Airbnbs
  • Renting your own home on Airbnb 
  • Tips for crashing with friends
  • Where to travel to when you're ready
  • How to be hyper efficient as a virtual worker
  • Staying safe and organized while on-the-move

and more! 

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Freely Travel While Working

Location-independence is a privilege that not everyone gets. Learn how to take advantage of this and travel the world while staying gainfully employed! 

Work Effectively To Travel More

 A better worker is a better traveler. I've taught virtual work efficiency and productivity for 5 years — and I pass on what I've learned to readers!